April 10, 2011

When the war comes
They will decide to send the warnings
via SMS.
People without cellphones will not know,
and will be caught in the streets as the bombs drop.

Then they will decide
that text messaging is too expensive
and people will have
to become fans of the war
on Facebook
while the prime minister posts updates
on his wall
and waits for the likes to flow

That will only last for a week or so
the only way to find out about the war
will be Twitter.

Old ladies will sit, faces pale from the light of screens
and update their streams
to see if their sons died
and update their streams
to see if there is any food
and update their streams
just in case we won or lost

If you don’t have a cell phone
or a Facebook page
or a Twitter stream,

you will not make it.
I promise you.