writing is a pleasure and a luxury, and I gather inspiration from the things I see, people I encounter, the life, flow and feel of the City (capitalisation intentional), and my reactions to all of the above. the City is London, mostly.

my biggest inspiration in terms of poetry is Leonard Cohen, who still makes me write when I read him. Bukowski’s on the shelf, as is Borges, Auden, Stevens and others. if anyone should ask, (nobody has), I would say that the great poets today are as often found in music as in poetry, with the list of good ones too long and too pointless to count.

finally, a note on readers. i have never written for myself, and believe that writing is made to be read. that being said, when you read it, it’s yours. the blog format invites commentary, but I would ask that people only comment when they want to because of the stuff. certainly not because I commented on your stuff and you feel you owe me. also, if you feel that critique is in order for some reason, feel free. the comments are unmoderated and I will only remove spam or something properly offensive. “u can no write u moran” would therefore pass well within the limits of tolerable, as would “oh A, you are so amazingly gifted I just peed myself a little”


6 Responses to “About this”

  1. I ate a great burger today…
    And enjoy your poetry, 🙂
    Peace to you,

  2. forpuck said

    One of the ideas in my brain is to start another blog and write about every hamburger I ever eat. I know it sounds bizarre, but some how I can kind of almost see it happening.

  3. Hi, nice to meet you !

  4. thanks for commenting on my poem
    look forward to reading you

  5. forpuck said

    Now I shall autocomment on myself and go to bed, another success succeeded.

  6. Emma said

    I agree with your commentary on the musician/poet question that has yet been posed…something I’ve thought about quite often. Great poetry here, glad to have found your spot.

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