January 3, 2012

Be patient ladybug
as I am now
while new year’s first born darkness
drags its lovers lips
along the footsteps
we are yet to take

Let’s jump
through every doorway that we find
like our every step
was the last one
that we would ever hear,
and every day the last one
we could sing

Pretend we leave no fingerprints
and breathe no sullied air,
and only need the light
to fill our lungs

Pretend we dance like children
jumping on a bed
oblivious of springs and rules and running time
and maybe
we will burn again,
So be patient, ladybug


8 Responses to “Untitled”

  1. claudia said

    love it…love the pretending to leave no fingerprints and only need light to fill the lungs…and love the carefree and hopeful mood..

  2. CatGem said


  3. nice…love the carefree feel…this is the way life should be lived…smiles.

  4. Ladybugs are a New Year’s luck symbol in some places, and I was told if one flies onto my finger willingly, it’s luck too. So your opening had me smiling, and I smiled all the way through, esp. at the double meaning of spring (bed/season).

  5. siubhan said

    such hope in this, somehow. feels right for a new year’s piece.

  6. Emma said

    Indeed, I’m just going to sigh now. This has a wonderful reflective beauty about it, it just sweeps me along with its desire for more fire. If we can only find that place where we are able to forget ourselves maybe then…

  7. sounds like wonderful plan!

  8. This is a great poem and one I enjoyed reading very much.




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