December 28, 2011

fog comes
down over towers
like children’s hands
that reach towards your mouth
in hope of catching
all your sleeping breath
while bored commuters
warm the world
by shivering in harmony
on mornings
when I watched you sleep
as I was leaving


15 Responses to “Fog”

  1. claudia said

    oh i love the children’s hand hoping to catch all her sleeping breath..nice..

  2. Scott said

    This is incredible. It gave me butterflies in my stomach. Thank you.

  3. Emma said

    Excellent in its ability to take me from out to in. Love the soft loneliness and the emotive quality of the words…it’s beautiful really.

  4. forpuck said

    Thank you everyone. Merry new yearn.

  5. claudia said

    hej anton, hur mår du?
    har inte hört av dig på ett tag… smiles

  6. Excellent images. Particularly the children’s hands and shivering commuters – know that one.

    Great work here.

  7. love how softly you ease me through the scene, beginning to end… ease like fog, perfect! nicely done!

    my latest

  8. Love the flow and imagery here. Just great.

  9. The way you wrote this brief poem made me feel like I was a part of the experience. Good, good images.

  10. i really dont like leaving having to watch them sleep…i would much rather stay…but…

  11. Pat Hatt said

    Nice, the thought of the breath catching while dreaming I really liked.

  12. Sheila Moore said

    Quaint capture of a morning moment. Just lovely!

  13. You leaving on “little cat feet” I’m sure. Nice tribute to love, air, transport, and the stuff that poems are made of. Hope all is well in your New Year, dear Anton!

  14. Shawna said

    Very creative imagery throughout! Love this:

    “while bored commuters
    warmed the world
    by shivering in harmony”

  15. Forpuck said

    Thank you for the comments everyone, much appreciated.

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