Still summer

December 19, 2011

It was still summer.
The wind blew in construction dust
in a stream of profanity
that fingered my windowsill
in a Japanese subway game of

Upstairs, men with thick fingers
used power machinery
cutting the day into ribbons.

in the holy space between houses,
a squirrel hissed at a cat

the neighbours watched news
instead of Dr Strangelove
on tv sets that filled my room
with mute light
from across the street

Somewhere out of mind
bombs were probably falling,
and one tyrant or other
was on his way
to getting dragged through the streets

there was shit to do
and people to have
but I couldn’t bear it;
the cheap port tasted like sugar
but I poured another three fingers
and closed my eyes

just for a moment


15 Responses to “Still summer”

  1. claudia said

    great capture of a all the’s like a painting where a string of color floats into the next..very slowly.. and takes the observer from outside to inside

  2. neha said

    Fully agree with Claudia – very vivid. You could almost smell the stale, sticky, hot summer air.

  3. J.M.Maul said

    I agree with Claudia. I liked the play on moments, like “used powered machines/to cut the day to ribbons.” I also found it kind of sexy, in a dirty, demented sort of way. Don’t know if you intended that, or if it’s my own gutter-dwelling mind, but good poem, all the same.

  4. siubhan said

    i love the images you conjure here, & the wider window on the world in that penultimate verse that somehow fits with the quotidian & gives the piece a whole ‘nother level of depth.

  5. The first stanza here is awesome.

  6. Other Mary said

    You have some great lines here, really vivid images. And, I realize everyone else has said that too. I particularly like S2 and well, pretty much all the other stanzas too. Well penned.

  7. ManicDdaily said

    This is wonderful (in a terribly grim depressing) way! The details are so vivid yet also seemingly casual, and very powerful. Thanks. K.

  8. nickrolynd said

    I love how each image blends so fluidly into the next. Thanks for the read!

  9. zongrik said

    construction dust in stream of profanity is great, because that’s all construction workers really are when they speak on the job

    fruit leather

  10. Shawna said

    Nice weave of fingering throughout.

    I really liked these:
    “cutting the day into ribbons”
    “in the holy space between houses,
    a squirrel hissed at a cat”

  11. oceangirl said

    Very vivid like watching tv.

  12. brian said

    dang dude…some wicked imagery and word play that opening stanza just rips…and the cutting up of the day in the second…you move one to the next with nice deft as well…vivid piece…

  13. Sheila said

    fantastic use of undercurrents. the stress, the desire to escape it all, if just for a moment. wonderful write!

  14. Man, you got the mindscape down to a tee, in voice that spits rivets. I enjoyed very much the way you panned in and out of those secret spaces that maybe should be seen more often. Your own place at the end of the poem, in spare but authentic tones, brings all into completion and focus.

  15. ~L said

    painted a picture in my mind for sure! excellent work…


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