Camilla was a poetess

December 11, 2011

Camilla had faith
and she felt the embrace of her lord
In the smile of a baby,
her daughter’s voice,
the smell of grass,
the silky sensation of bath foam against her skin –
all of that stuff, you know?

She was a glass half full
kind of girl.
I imagine she never
danced on the table
fucked on the first date,
lied, cursed
Or traded her body for favours.

She wore her hair short,
her metaphors close to her chest,
and the mountains that surrounded her
were a fortress
instead of a prison

9 Responses to “Camilla was a poetess”

  1. wkkortas said

    Admirably well-conceived, executed with an equally enviable tightness. The last stanza is pithy, spare in the very best sense of the word. Crisp and wonderful.

  2. claudia said

    smiles…you know i almost think i know that girl..but the one i know did fuck on first dates and traded her body for favors – oh – and for money – that was before she found the lord.. and her name was not camilla…let me think…hmm…can’t remember right now.. smiles.. well written anton..was excited to see you post again

  3. Emma said

    Seems infinitely better to feel protected by boundaries rather than trapped by them…excellently written…

    love this especially- ‘all of that stuff, you know?’- mostly because I don’t expect it here

    There’s a very distinct voice in your poetry, much to enjoy

  4. Other Mary said

    Even good girls can dance on the table now and then 😉 Nice write. Kudos.

  5. The poetess of everyday life and faith in the face of a dimmer reality? The contrast between your description of her and the apparent more knowing voice of the “other” poet creates a suspense verging on satire. I think that is averted, however, by the ending lines that leave me, the reader, open to the possibility that her poetry is perhaps true after all. That is an astonishing, though modulated, realization, since it comes by way of the same voice who seemed to speak so self-assuredly before.

  6. Sheila said

    A fortress not a prison- wow, there is a big difference isnt there?

  7. Gay said

    I never met her, but I know her now. Some tribute. Don’t let her or the idea of her go to far. Always love reading your work!

  8. Bianca said

    This is quite interesting and I really enjoyed reading this. Its intriguing to see how something can change a whole persons life and their view.

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