September 18, 2011

I know she’s arrived when the buzzer
warns me
to wait
as she comes
up the stairs

I tell her I’ve just
ran the vacuum
so she takes off her shoes
and her toenails
are painted
deep red

I point to the sofa
a dirty old thing
used to skin and sweat but
I’ve turned the pillows and
we sit like royals
side by side

She tells me to get her some wine
but I haven’t any, not even bad one
so I make
her tea and
we sit
in silence
until the sound of my neighbor coming
stops flitting
through the floorboards


8 Responses to “Shoes”

  1. claudia said

    ah there it is again..this sense of distance and loneliness you manage to capture like none of the other poets i know

  2. Ah, awkward moments 🙂

  3. Sometimes simple moments, simple descriptions – can be so much more!

  4. brian said

    ha. nice textures to this…the sofa…her nails…eww on hte neighbor…smiles.

  5. tashtoo said

    Wonderful! I was a fly on the wall watching you fidget…love the capture!

  6. Gay Cannon said

    So much more than what is stated is divulged here – love the details of red toenails, turned sofa pillows, flitting sounds barely disguised. Go Anton! Well done. G.

  7. A beautiful moment, one of those we never forget. It’s not always about the best of times, the most affluent parts of our lives when we are always ready with a bottle of wine or special cheese for guests, or when our furniture is pristine and newly clean…. My fondest adult kiss was at 18, when I didn’t have a pot to piss in…. But then…… I didn’t really get the “coming” reference, but I think Brian did…. I’ve always spelled that synonym a little differently… I prefer to leave its spelling alone, assume the neighbor was simply coming up the steps, and preserve that beautiful moment where two souls share the wonder of each other for just one very fleeting moment in life… otherwise its all about the neighbor and Brian is right, ewwwwww… that kind of ruins my tilting at windmills…. 🙂

  8. ayala said

    A nice capture of a moment in time when two connect.

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