city drug

September 16, 2011

We fly in through clear skies
London opens spills unlocks
endless light strings and
I can’t stop watching
white and yellow lights spread wide like
some giant’s child that
willful and violent, laughs
having spilled the chains of gold
and pearl necklaces
belonging to his rich mother;
from jewelry box to chaos, in one breath or a thousand

One hour later, when I emerge from the underground
a full moon silently burns the three lanes of Warwick Rd
like a searchlight
while cars make their escape in sequence

Suddenly, she comes out
three doorways ahead of me
short skirt raven hair black leather jacket
body so thin
it makes you human again
and her high heels flash
bright red and play a staccato as she walks,
face obscured by darkness

She gets in a car and drives off.

This is the sickness, the City drug, the hunger
that makes you stick around – and I raise a salute
to the moon and the madness
while the corner shop owner frowns
at the young men hanging
outside his door

9 Responses to “city drug”

  1. CatGem said

    absolutely love this — makes me ache to see London

  2. claudia said

    hey – just coming back from my business trip and see you posted like mad…smiles
    good poem anton…one suggestion..i would cut “suddenly” i think…just a spontaneous thought…
    willful and violent, spilling chains of gold and pearl necklaces..was my fav part..

  3. I used to be hopelessly addicted to that drug – the enticing, tantalizing, maddening glimpses that keep you hungry….

    I like to visit from time to time though, and I’d love to see London.

  4. brian said

    i would love to visit as well…the city itself is a similar drug to me..actually would love to move to the city one day…until then i take my quick hits…

  5. London loves the mystery of a speeding car – Nadja and the serendipity or random nature of the big smoke – the rats and cabs.

    love this poem

  6. Oh such a great poem it would be great to go and see London again it is such a wonderful place and your poem makes it come alive again thanks

  7. kez said

    not my drug of choice …but loved this descriptive poem the so accurately depicts a london scene ….thank you x

  8. Good continuity with this, though I had to read the first stanza a couple of times to understand that you were landing and the light strings were the runway lights… I don’t like quoting large parts of poems in remarks because, what’s the use? They’re right up there? But here i must… “The full moon silently burns…like a search light…” – awesome image, “it makes you human again,” thank you for this, I’ve been looking for a way to describe that most intense feeling we get when a beautiful woman comes into our senses and “the corner shop owner frowns / at the young men hanging / outside his door”…… real, true, an honest emotional draw and it painted a picture so clear in my mind that you might wonder if I dream in high-def…… awesome poem, well written, well received….

  9. Oh, this is AWESOME!!

    When I was a teen I inhaled the city drug with every breath of my being. I did get to Yonge street in Toronto and found it very good.

    And how funny, in the post I plan on putting up today for G-Mans Flash Fiction 55 I’ll have a photo in it I took in London!

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