Mostly stolen

June 25, 2011

Keep walking,
there’s no place to be
(don’t try to see through human beings);
move with intent, the way fear makes you.
Today, like every other day,
you’ve woken up and
didn’t open
any doors

Take down the old oboe and
let love be what we do
when we know
hundreds of ways
to kneel
instead of kissing


7 Responses to “Mostly stolen”

  1. Wow dude. Wow. This is seriously amazing I gotta save it to read again and again. Where are you published? You need to submit this and get it out there. Talent!

  2. love the closure

  3. Claudia said

    esp. the today you’ve woken up and didn’t open any doors really hit me – captures this feeling of hopelessness and uselessness… and the last stanza is killer!

  4. Gay said

    Eyes straight ahead; no good mornings in the crowd and love is an oboe, double reeded and difficult. Always refreshing to read your work darlin’. Thanks for coming by and linking this Monday. I appreciate it. Gay

  5. brian said

    i agree the last stanza rocks…the symbolism in kneeling, an without kissing…good stuff anton

  6. This is really powerful. Mysterious and cutting.

  7. It rare to find masterpieces but this is it

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