The demonstration at Piccadilly

March 26, 2011

I walked up Regent street stopping
just outside the Burberry store
and watched feet tread the pavement
in a determined march
of the fed and the angry, holding
banners and Canon cameras with
five hundred pound lenses

The young, they wanted their moment,
And storefront windows
were being broken on Piccadilly, while
spray paint philosophy added
gravitas to the walls

Then the police arrived with Their Shields.
Their shields were windows and the men
looked out. Their eyes were square, and
who knows what the law thinks?

I didn’t feel like standing around anymore. I had no beef
with these guys here, or those guys there so
I stepped inside the Burberry store
while some of the people outside
got the truth
they desired
and others probably the truth
they deserved

6 Responses to “The demonstration at Piccadilly”

  1. CatGem said

    really really like this… indifference is not an easy emotion to communicate — you’ve done it brilliantly here

  2. forpuck said

    Thanks C, much appreciated.

  3. wkkortas said

    I didn’t take indifference from this piece as much as the notion of that things are, in a sense, the same as they ever were, that the international situation is desperate as usual. There is the notion of “the young”–an undifferntiated mass of youth, with no name and perhaps of no particular place or time–wanting “their moment”, and the tongue-in-cheek equation of graffiti and gravitas. Likewise, the police are equally amorphous and without any particular identity of their own. The final five lines are wonderful: crisp, clean, biting without being over the top. Splendid stuff.

  4. Mary said

    I like this very much. Love the lines ‘spray paint philosophy added/ gravitas to the walls’ Also thought the end was brilliant as well.

  5. claudia said

    gets a very surreal feeling in stanza 3…nice write antonio

  6. brian said

    ha truth desired or truth deserved…you capture well the apathy at what is going on around you…

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