In July 2003

February 23, 2011

It became dark quickly.
Summer cold crept in through the bones,
shirts closing the access to hearts like shutters,
excitement for what was to come shining through the cracks

Five tables stood in line
Small candles flickering Morse promises
of future greatness and the perfection of the moment,
casting shadows of time on
the crayfish, cheese, bread and the paper plates,
which were ready to lose their innocence for our pleasure

You drank vodka and sat on the far side o the table.
I drank vodka and made your friends laugh (a fragile bond at best).
I tried to understand where I was
and why I could not see through the dark
while people around me
ran through thorned forests at will,
but the raised glasses confused me again and again.

Later, we shared a bed like brother and sister,
while the sounds of your friends fucking wormed through the walls.
If you had asked me then, I am not sure I would have told you truth,
or maybe even known any.

Even later, it turned out that truth,
your truth, was a thin kind of ice and I went through.

But by then we were no longer speaking.

8 Responses to “In July 2003”

  1. wow. great picture of the relationship…so fragile…i guess it was better you layed as siblings as it might have gotten a whole lot more complicated…you put us right there though…nicely done…

  2. wkkortas said

    It is apparent from the beginning of the piece that things are not quite right here–the notion of “summer cold” and darkness coming quickly in July, people buttoning their shirts against an incongruous cold. The notion of light supper items “ready to lose their innocence” plays off nicely against the picture of sharing a bed “like brother and sister”. This piece is an artful (and enviable, he said through clenched teeth) and visual piece, combining inventive and craftsmanship just so. It’s top-shelf stuff.

  3. CatGem said

    beautiful and sad and exactly as it should be

    well done

  4. forpuck said

    Thanks guys.

    WK – Just happy to provide some of the teeth clenching as opposed to the normal envy when I read your stuff…

  5. Claudia said

    this made me sit and stare at the computer screen until the screensaver appeared…cause it brought back some memories..
    excellent write anton – the capture of these moments when everything should be “right” and looks “right” and if someone asked, we would find no argument to say why it doesn’t FEEL right..

  6. lori said

    I am learning I will find something interesting when I head over here. Liked this, not being able to see through the dark and the confusion, enjoyed it 🙂

  7. forpuck said

    Claudia, to quote one of my favourite songs (for reals this time WK), “that’s just how some people are”

    Lori – thank you. I’m glad you liked it.

  8. Gay said

    there’s so many ways to do it, and everytime i see it different, i say – hey, i wanna do it like that, i wanna do it like that. And once again so many lines in this work made me say, “I wanna do it like that”. Really liked it Anton.

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