January 1, 2011

We stood atop a hill at
four minutes past twelve,
(the snow fell hard – ten centimeters of silence in three hours)
colourful flowers bloomed in the sky;

Two guys were trying to set off some fireworks
just a few feet away from us
but their lighters were failing.

The dog was playing in the snow, bouncing up and down, his tail a giggling periscope. I tossed him a snowball. He caught it with his mouth.

The guys got a flame going but something was wrong –
stars shot horizontally off into the forest,
beauty becoming danger suddenly, unexpectedly.
I wondered if anybody would be hit.

Then something changed, and the fireworks shot off into the sky above us in celebration. The danger was over, at least for a while.

A new year had begun.

7 Responses to “12.04”

  1. Claudia said

    a colleague of mine was severely burnt and spent weeks in hospital because some fireworks where going the wrong direction…happy new year anton
    if you like you could link this up with one stop’s new years poems

  2. hedgewitch said

    New years are a lot like fireworks–potentially beautiful, exciting and also hiding dangers. I liked the line about the dog and his tail. Well said.

  3. marousia said

    You painted a very realistic picture with your words – I felt like I was there watching with you.

  4. very well written…fireworks do have that element of danger..perhaps thats part of the excitement…enjoyed this..cheers pete

  5. Marie said

    Anton, det är Marie…kommer du ihåg mig? Jag saknar dig! mariemalm@live.fr

  6. I don’t think anybody mentioned the symbolism, so I will: good job with that.

  7. CatGem said

    “a giggling periscope” — this is why i read you– thank you for your voice

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