New York – twenty four frames a second

December 14, 2010

Arriving in new York,
a thousand movies
my head in a dance
of Chinese water drops.
The pressure is ecstasy and fear
and my adrenaline mixes with fertile reality in my veins.
For a second I’m alive
and people,
look beautiful.
and I wonder how long
it will last

In the meantime,
women shine at me,
the stoned junkie at two in the morning
isn’t so bothersome and
I get a sloppy hamburger while
twenty four moments a second
cut eternity into shreds and I hand
a hobo a greasy dollar

Next morning, the fat lady ice skating
at Rockerfeller Center at eight in the morning
is charming, somehow.
And the skyline
grins at me
with its teeth of far away lives
and steel and money

I speak to no one as I eat the streets through my feet.
On top of MY game
there is only silence.


5 Responses to “New York – twenty four frames a second”

  1. wkkortas said

    The notion of the power that a place, or perhaps place combined with myth, can exercise is all over this piece: the women who “shine” (and the clever juxtaposition with the non-threatening junkie), the odd charm of the fat skater, the grinning skyline. It’s well-built, evocative, and visual writing.

  2. forpuck said

    Thank you. It is a weird place indeed, and for me it was super visual, just one thing after another after another…. I will have to go back properly…

  3. suzicate said

    eat the streets through my feet – I like.

  4. Claudia said

    as I eat the streets through my feet…wow
    a lot to dig in this poem, but the above line is my fav

  5. chelsea g. said

    Yup. Still like it. Rock on.

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