In 2006, 7 and 8

November 26, 2010

In 2008
we fought for her suffering –
a bunch of maddened wolves
the scraps of a life;
and I think that I gave mine away

The weight of responsibility
was measured in ounces of sorrow
‘yours yours yours yours yours yours yours’.
it filled me,
like a cheap toy at christmas.

Today I hear no bells
in the city of mud;
The silence tolls a reminder
For me, for me.

Bells will be bells and will toll again. Now,
when another teacher begins his journey,
A promise! to fight for what’s mine;
A stuffed toy
no forgiveness
and no compassion
for those in its way

2 Responses to “In 2006, 7 and 8”

  1. Oh! I LOVE this one! Excellent.

  2. forpuck said

    Thanks dude. This one was from the heart…

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