Snowflake/flower petal

November 23, 2010

It’s time to settle scores with the idea
That I’m a snowflake or a petal or
Some thing that is unique and therefore was
Imparted on the world as gift or curse
My mother loved me, other mothers too
Love children to their sweet or bitter end
A talented and sickly thoughtful child –
Can practically be found on every street
To overcome the fable of myself
Existing whether G-d cares or cares not
I will ignore the patterns that I see
Because they leave me grossly unprepared
To face full on any one thing except
The polished mirror which serves but one cause
In showing me my likeness in such way
That I’ll spend hours touching my own flesh


5 Responses to “Snowflake/flower petal”

  1. wkkortas said

    It’s very much anti-romantic, isn’t it? No high-flown notions of the self, at least as something noble and in possession of the attributes of the gods or God–an idea that’s made all the more interesting by presenting it in a fairly traditional format. Thematically, it’s something like good Stephen Crane, and that ain’t bad.

  2. Claudia said

    not easy to find a good balance – isn’t it?
    is it because of that, that you started each line with a capital letter? (distracted me a bit first)

  3. shanellis said

    It’s the flow of the poem that gets me and the esoterical questions you pose. There is a reason there is no use of punctuation here.

    Digressing slightly, the questions you pose are age old, but the modernism in the way they are presented are both fresh and interesting.


  4. forpuck said

    Thanks guys.

    WK, I am an anti-romantic I guess. The topic I guess was motivated by a lot of stuff that I keep reading. People need to step away from themselves some times…

    Claudia and shaneellis, thanks!

  5. snow flake melt, petal fade, mothing ever last…
    beauty is not what we see, but what makes us feel.
    therefore, it is nice to see your mirror is made of your poetry.
    OM, Herve

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