Death or dancing, pt2

November 17, 2010

She will spread her legs like a goddess
eyes clawing at me, diamond hard;
a Virgin of Nuremberg screaming
‘I’m yours’
whilst clutching at straws

There is no talk of escaping –
Her body is a lie bigger than the American Dream
and the only road open to me goes off
into a darkness glistening
with a threat we all crave

She says that the poor are weak, 
and she means me;
I need to travel her
like many men travelled;
their bones and their balls
now stacked at her crossroads


She spreads her legs like a goddess
and she’s damaged, like me. She thinks
that we’re dancing, she’s wrong;
we are dying, both of us.

Her painted toenails mock me
to come inside and
it’s hard to determine
whether this is divine retribution
or intervention;

maybe a bit of both.


14 Responses to “Death or dancing, pt2”

  1. hedgewitch said

    Sex can be so life affirming–except when its not. But always its the human education that defies you to drop out…difficult but exceptional poem full of great one-line punches “a lie bigger than the American dream…”

  2. wkkortas said

    The notion of sex/ejaculation is a time-honored one, but this encompasses more than that. There is the Kerouac-ian notion in the second stanza about the discovery of the American Dream as a lie, and what do we do with that epiphany. The answer is, it seems to say here, is to be confused–not in the completely desperate and unhappy sense of the word, but in the Sal Paradise or Augie March sense, a search for the true and important in the face of the falsehood of the American Dream. A woman, good or not, is not a bad place to start that search. A compressed picareque novel, perhaps?

  3. wkkortas said

    That first sentence should read sex/ejaculation=death.

  4. forpuck said

    WK, as always you are much smarter a reader than I am a writer. However, I agree on confusion as an essential state of being, which I often aspire to…

  5. Beth said

    Hm, there’s an eternal whore in all of us somewhere, hidden deeply. I’d like to embrace mine from time to time but stuff keeps getting in the way 😉

    This is one of those that needs to be re read and appreciated for what it is…


  6. Claudia said

    this is about much more than sex, no? i think the “love” act, you describe is a good tool to transfer these emotions that sweep like a sturm surge across the page. well done – no – very well done

  7. I think “glistening with the threat we all crave” is the best damn line I have ever read

  8. Eric said

    A smooth blending of imagery and metaphore.

    Nice One Shot, Anton!

  9. Eric said

    By the way, I would suggest that people check out your photography links. Good stuff!

  10. hollyheir said

    Appropriate to the season, the danse macabre, the dance of death. There is a manic need to live hard, perhaps brutally hard to try to fend off death and also to find some reason for living. Well said and I like the lines everyone else quoted too. Well done. Thanks, Gay @beachanny

  11. forpuck said

    Thanks everybody for reading.

  12. Shashi said

    Powerful word and imagination at play.. I liked the picture that you have created with physical pleasure and sufferings …

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  13. Your work often has a starkly realized, urban feel to it – this is no exception. Excellent, as you often are.

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