October ends

October 31, 2010

I do not see
how a dawn spent warming
my body against hers
shifts blame,
when my hand meets her
and she moans instead
of calling the cops

Never have I ever
and other games
have no meaning, when
four empty bottles of red and a quart
of Jack are the kegs
in our bowling parody –
hit the floor
and air leaves lungs
with a grunt

Desire turns dark, smells like
paper secretly burned in the toilet when you were five
with stolen matches.
This must be love, this must be;
Growl, leap, for tonight
we understand
the longing of the centurion

Go back to your boudoirs, strangers
Tonight we march. Our cruel games
are the pinnacle of every hymn
sang during vespers and
we do not heed your calls for restraint

8 Responses to “October ends”

  1. CatGem said

    well done — it sets a stage on which most of us have played a part

  2. wkkortas said

    It’s not really an occaisonal piece per se, but there is the pagan undercurrent of Halloween here, the almost mocking tone of “Our cruel games/are the pinnacle of every hymn/sang during vespers”. It’s a celebration of the profane (at least in its sense of being the flip-side of the religious), with a sense of the excitement/titillation that comes with the frowned-upon and the forbidden.

  3. Claudia said

    i like the breathless atmosphere you create with your words..and yes – it has a very dark feeling
    my fav line:
    ..smells like
    paper secretly burnt in the toilet when you were five
    with stolen matches..

  4. forpuck said

    Thanks WK and Claudia.

    WK – It wasn’t conceived as a halloween piece, but it’s alwasy cool to read your takes on the stuff…

    Claudia, thanks, it was supposed to be dark.

  5. Kelly Hay said

    I just came across your blog … and I just wanted to say that I really like this piece; its dark and breathless narrative springs forth mental images quite well.

  6. forpuck said

    Thank you Kelly, that’s highly appreciated.

  7. thinkingtoohard13 said

    You had me at “shifts blame,” and sucked me in through the unheeded calls for restraint. Delicious.


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