Rebellion of one

October 27, 2010

The rain
is suddenly intimate –
Fingers of love
whip my face
with the jealous chains
of the dispossessed

I never promised
to sing or dance, and
I raise my fist
to the skies
in a rebellion of one
on my way to the office

Beware, masters.
I are rising
and we will take your towns
and your daughters
with the sword
of our melancholy


4 Responses to “Rebellion of one”

  1. Beth said

    London has this effect on you I think. Wish City sellers would learn manners sometimes. Like the inner rebellion though. Nicely put

  2. forpuck said

    On you=me or on you=people?

    I’m not a city seller though…

  3. Claudia said

    rain can be quite intimate…

    i’ve been kissed
    with millions of kisses today
    masked as raindrops
    hitting my face fiercely
    blur my eyes and gliding
    slow and tender
    along the line of my lips
    flow down my neck
    blaze a trail
    and slink
    to every hidden spot..

    so maybe next time, you should consider dancing…smiles

  4. forpuck said

    Hehehe. I like the contrast…

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