death or dancing pt.1

October 25, 2010

Each step stamped
into the peace of the sidewalk
Brings me closer
to death,
or dancing
(it’s hard to tell which)

Mortality doesn’t frighten;
moles digging the beat
taste the earth
every second

When we reach the light,
you will know.


10 Responses to “death or dancing pt.1”

  1. wkkortas said

    It’s a bit of an odd simile (death=dancing?), but you make it work nicely. Likewise, the tone is unexpected–it’s light, almost bordering on the breezy, a soft shoe on the way to our final reward. “Odd” and “unexpected” are not in any way criticisms; it’s always a bit of a risk when the writer zags when we expect him to zig, but it’s rewarding when it’s done this well.

  2. Claudia said

    for me it has the feeling of time slipping through one fingers..sometimes it’s good to stop our walk for a moment and think about death or dance
    i like the fast-paced write

  3. forpuck said

    Thanks guys.. I would argue that there is a connection to be made between the two – dancing, when at its most primal is full body presence and absence of mind and, as such, it’s a form of death.

  4. claudia said

    strange i wrote that i like the fast paced write back in october…re-reading..i don’t think it’s fast paced at all…more a very reflective and slowed-down piece…think it depends much on the readers mood how a poem feels to us…for me it feels good to taste the earth on the way towards the light…at least you know, you’re still alive

  5. brian said

    no use worrying about it til we get there…it willonly rob moments…

  6. I think this is one of your best Anton. Moles has several connotations for me here and the poem hinges on the layers it creates. I like the idea of “light at the end” whether dying or dancing (in the West End). Wish I were coming back in November. Lucy Sheen is going to have a one woman show then and I told her I’d come, but Ron is literally dying now and I’m pretty much the only one to stay with him now. It’s hard but I’m trying to stay meditative and mellow as we steer through these days.

  7. hedgewitch said

    Very sharp little piece, full of a clipped insight that makes the reader grapple with some difficult but basic concepts–excellent poem.

  8. ayala said

    Nicely penned 🙂

  9. tashtoo said

    If it’s my time to go I would love to go dancing! Worked myself into a frenzy more than once where realities all start to blur. A wonderful little write!

  10. Morning said

    amazing one, well done…

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