My house is full of spiders

October 5, 2010

My house
is full of spiders.
Some with long spindly legs
some compact, with massive fangs,
built to be killers.

I keep them warm against the fall
rains and
winds and
read them Auden, Cohen, Stevens, Borges.
If the limited selection
bothers them,
they don’t show it.

One of them
got stuck in the bathtub
this morning.
I picked it up and let it out on the windowsill;
it walked down the wall and disappeared into the cold

then I picked up another
from the floor and threw it in the bin.

They come here to die.


35 Responses to “My house is full of spiders”

  1. Claudia said

    wow – what place for the spiders to go when you read them Auden, Cohen, Stevens, Borges…
    i tend to read Kooser to my spiders over here…smiles

  2. wkkortas said

    What struck me first is the notion of the eyesight of spiders; if they don’t see very well, you’d probably want to read them later Borges as opposed to his earlier work– the whole kindred spirit thing and all that. It’s wry in spots, but there is a palapable undercurrent of something…well, not sinister per se, but certainly unsettling at the very least.

  3. Libby said

    Love your poem so straightforward and clever

  4. dustus said

    Attentive spiders. The lady bug gets it in the end… thought-provoking metaphors. Good taste in poetry too IMHO

  5. forpuck said

    Thanks Adam. I think the spiders are waiting for something.

  6. Interesting and thought provoking. Never thought to read to my spiders; I just squeak a lot and stand on my tiptoes.

  7. KB said

    Do the spiders talk back? Hehe!

  8. What does one do with all those spiders that take over the place come autumn? – read to them, of course. Why didn’t I think of that? 🙂 Love the rhythm and flow of your poem, and the way it looks on the page.

  9. ladynimue said

    spooky , clever and so much amazing !! first of my poem on spiders i bet 😉

  10. brian said

    ah to be ladybugs or spiders…each seems at a loss…unless of course you are reading to them..smiles. nice one shot.

  11. Clever, but I still don’t like spiders. =P

  12. Shashi said

    Very interesting verse… and the lady bug’s inclusion was beautiful … I enjoyed the metaphor…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  13. Gay Cannon said

    Spiders, their long legs all over the couch; the ladybugs in the bin all sated on a poetry buffet of hors d’oeuvres and entrees. Effective metaphor. Well done. Gay @beachanny

  14. moondustwriter said

    I read last rites to the spiders but we do have the poisonous kind

    nice poem for One Shot

    Moon smiles

  15. interestingly funny…they go there to die?…lol
    Nice one…Cheers!

  16. forpuck said

    Thank you everybody for your kind words.

    @Emmanuel – they really do come to my house to die. I pick them up and dispose of them.

  17. Madeleine said

    A great take on spiders, I love the gentle humour. My mother had a pet spider that lived on her window sill. She always warned it before she opened the window so it could scuttle and hide, though I don’t think she read to it. Then one day my Hubby very helpfully cleaned the resident and web away for her. :O)

  18. Eric said

    In some cultures spiders are seen as good luck.

    (And apparently my wife is NOT from one of those cultures)

    Nice One Shot, Anton!

  19. poemblaze said

    A lot of vivid imagery. Don’t think I’ll be visiting!

  20. Very clever. I enjoyed this one so much!

  21. Claudia said

    hi again – thanks for your comment on my poem – i appreciate honest comments, think only crit lets us grow..and that’s what i want..

  22. Glynn said

    I would read them Stevens and Auden and Borges, too, if I had the courage. Nice one.

  23. This is good, but I think you know you can kick it up another level. It needs another line or two in the middle to complete a circuit w/ the last line. Do you come home to die? And if you live, how does that relate to the spiders & ladybug?

    I don’t know if you need some symbol like spots or spindles; seems like it tho. One solid line could really complete this & make it publishable.

  24. Claudia said

    ..oh…and it wasn’t invade masculinity but inhale masculinity…does this make a difference..?

  25. tuberider said

    So cool. The poem reminds me of the Blink182 song I Miss YOu for some reason.

  26. a well written poem….but if there are that many spiders i recommend getting the conkers out..cheers for a great one shot..pete

  27. I enjoyed the premise of this poem very much, as well as your take on it, from beginning to end.

  28. The line breaks and sparse words are uber-effective. I especially love the line “built to be killers” and the unexpectedly sad end-line (“They come here to die”)

  29. alex said

    great oneshot
    my house has spiders too 🙂

  30. wow…so thought provoking!! Great oneshot 🙂 xx

  31. siubhan said

    i liked this piece a lot. but it may be because of your reading selection that the place is so attractive to them (if i were a spider, i think i would be) 😉

  32. forpuck said

    Thanks everyone once again for your kind words!

  33. Just Me said

    I let out a rather large spider today. Didn’t think to read anything to him beforehand, though. 🙂

    Nice One Shot!

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