About understanding

October 3, 2010

Rosie was a mamas girl
and a papas girl
from a
family of eight

sharp as a razor and
determined to win
tough as a bullwhip,
with her life in order and
healthy career goals
a good catholic upbringing

This was
before the rediscovery
of vileness and alcohol and
that cold words undress them better
than praise
I was drifting
in those directions
and my words already wore
the bullshitter’s mantle and the ribbed
condom (for pleasure) and the fool’s
hat and
my balls were dice
with one chance in 36 of getting laid

We met at the zoo, where the bars
kept her just out of reach
for my nihilist zebra
and my horny monkey
and the dingo that you cannot
train because it turns
on you
and she said:
‘Anton, you are full of shit’
and it meant
‘I get it, and maybe there’s love’

5 Responses to “About understanding”

  1. Thinkingtoohard said

    “We met at the zoo, where the bars
    kept her just out of reach”


  2. tuberider said

    very, very good! I like it.

  3. wkkortas said

    Boatloads of clever wordplay in this piece; the final two stanzas are especially strong.

    Is this a series you are starting with the last two poems? “The Many Loves Of Anton Gourman”, perhaps?

  4. Jingle said

    lovely word play.
    fabulous style.

  5. Jingle said


    welcome to Rally week 30,
    a most 3 poems are accepted within 7 days…
    Happy Thursday!

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