October 1, 2010

on the metro,
seven stations to go
Nobody meets eyes;
Asian girl reading Cuelho – she
is so serious when
Veronica decides to die again
and again and again

She’s serious and suddenly I’m bitter,
like the shit you eat at work; or a
beetle chewed behind the
school building, certain that somebody is

the five of JD on ice on the train
didn’t reach me – I’m still unfound;
but back in my city a
Hipster girl swings from the pole
robots have
made holes in her stockings,
holes which will never tear and
the whole group of them is laughing
I’m not laughing, I want to get drunk
and porn and Lady Gaga will
wage a battle for my retinas

2 Responses to “Untitled”

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  2. forpuck said

    I love praise from spam bots! It makes my giny tingle!

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