A hotel room in Frankfurt

September 28, 2010

This room
has a lamp and
a bed and a bath and
silent walls that swallow
every insult

They ignore me
like they have ignored countless others
In this room where
sheets are crisp
and the rich
and the corporate
sleep and eat and watch CNN and porn

But one time
the walls
and the bed moaned
and the bath sighed
and the ceiling sang
songs of sweat and gasped breath and
stray hairs in the mouth
while the carpet could smell,
could smell! her sex on his

Those lovers kept the light on
just as I keep the light
while the TV
at me
in a different kind of facial
with a broken remote
and no off button

19 Responses to “A hotel room in Frankfurt”

  1. tuberider said

    Very cool poem! It’s like hotel rooms always hold out promise, especially in the imagination even if most times you’re alone. But think what could be!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. It’s really cool to connect with other poets online. For a while I thought I was the last poet left. Cheers, Jean-Michel

  2. JRM said

    I really enjoy how this piece builds up and peaks in the third stanza and then quiets down for the end… in my mind at least.

  3. brian said

    i always wonder about the hotel rooms i sleep in…now i know…darn remote…smiles. wonderful write…the walls did not absorb all the words…nice one shot!

  4. signed .............bkm said

    brillant write…hate hotel rooms and all the corporate bull…that goes with traveling…you covered it and uncovered the reality of it….nice one shot…bkm

  5. dustus said

    Wow. Poignant; revealing far more than what occurs behind closed doors of a hotel room. Excellent One Shot!

  6. moondustwriter said

    The stories those walls could tell of what they had seen.
    I can see the speaker pondering this in his mind while trying to turn the remote off.

    An interesting transition

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot

    Moon Smiles

  7. wkkortas said

    “A different kind of facial”…that is laugh-out-loud funny. The piece is very well built, tightly drawn and without waste, wry as opposed to comic (or pumpernickel), and as clean as the room’s sheets.

  8. forpuck said

    Thank you everyone for your kind words. It’s very much appreciated and it’s nice to see that people are reading it.

  9. Every hotel room has so much to tell. You captured that well..

    the middles makes it

  10. Talon said

    So well crafted…and I kept thinking…”if these walls could talk”. Really enjoyed this poem!

  11. a very well created piece friend, great writing 🙂

  12. Gay Cannon said

    Never been to Frankfort or Germany but in Paris the hotels seem to put out nerve waves onto the streets as one passes by…saying lovers loved here, deals were done here, spies spied here, mothers moaned here, soldiers died here. It always makes me tingle just as this work did. Great write. Gay @beachanny

  13. Eric said

    Hotel rooms can be so diametrically opposed, even the same one.

    (I’ve had a hotel room in Frankenmuth… Frankenmuth, Michigan that is)

  14. Claudia said

    tight write – hotel rooms are just the same all over the world..i am german – so no problem when the tv spits german at me…smiles
    you use fantastic words to describe something we all know

  15. let the room tell
    her heaven and your hell
    let the lovers reveal
    their magic to be real
    slipping moans
    clapping tongues
    swallowed by the roaring walls
    that smell
    their passion

    I always believe objects can tell stories silently that loud..:)

  16. forpuck said

    Thank you very much for the comments everybody.

    @desert rose:

    I remember you well in the Chelsea hotel


    The walls of this hotel are paper thin?

  17. Really enjoyed this one! Great writing.

  18. Shashi said

    Dear Anton
    A hotel in Frankfurt does have bias so it kind of leads to what you were talking … but the metaphor was at the end when you brought out th mundane things in focus and said that its not always what it looks like…

    I loved the words “…stray hair..” what a vivid picture…

    I actually enjoyed being in Frankfurt some time back for few hours on the way to Cologne and the best thing that I liked there was the Goethe Bar at the Airport… 😉

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
    Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

  19. forpuck said

    Once again, thanks everyone!

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