Quiz – a tribute to David Foster Wallace

September 23, 2010

A man, whose mother/wife/daughter recently died, meets a famous illusionist or stage magician or wizard, maybe after seeing a show and bribing his way backstage afterwards or maybe in a bar or in a hotel lobby. The magician/illusionist/stage magician, who is also a man, draws the man (whose mother/wife/daughter recently died) in to his world. First with intellectual discussion, then high class parties with people in the entertainment industry, and bankers and loose women, then sex, swinging, group orgies, alcohol, drugs, perversion of all sorts, laughing gas, pain roleplaying, sadism, the wearing of masks, body control, contortionism, yoga, asceticism, deep meditation, religious zealotry, gambling, psychology, herbal medicine, holistic medicine, acupuncture, pornography, comic books, line dancing, verse reading, shopping, dating young women (and men), dating mature women, et cetera, et cetera. In the end, the man (the one who had lost the mother/wife/daughter) leaves the company of the other man (the illusionist/stage magician/wizard) and is somehow wiser, richer with experience and has a lighter outlook on life.

Question: Does it matter that the man (who had lost a mother/wife/daughter) has developed a foot fetish after the whole experience with the second man (the illusionist/stage magician/wizard), and if yes, please quantify the annual budget, necessary to maintain a linear level of happiness for the man (who had lost a mother/wife/daughter) over X years.


3 Responses to “Quiz – a tribute to David Foster Wallace”

  1. brian said

    ha. i believe the equation you are looking for is pi r squared times ten to the forty seventh power…but feet are nice in the right context

  2. Gay Cannon said

    And I read Brian’s comment and thought (back to junior high) – “pi(e) are round; cornbread are square”. Good Lord!

    I reckon somewhere short of what Imelda Marcos spent on shoes. I met a shoe sales man while buying shoes who pursued me once. I finally let him take me to dinner. He wanted to “play” with my feet but he was “weird and creepy”. I got out of his car a mile from home and walked home barefoot. Is that a good footnote to your poem? I feel as though I am treading a dangerous path.

  3. forpuck said

    Heh, thanks for the comments guys..

    Gay, I’m not sure what the answer to the quiz should be. I wrote this after I had finished a part in a Foster Wallace book which was written like a quiz.. I never finished Infinite Jest though. But I will. Some day.

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