On smoking

September 20, 2010

It’s oddly comforting
When people smoke
In streets, bars, cafes,
Women all hold Slims
between red lips
Because they know
that for the sake of beauty
You cannot give a fuck
and it’s an easy kind of
edge to live on

Men smoke over coffee,
Or on breaks,
A manly sight which says
‘Work has been done’
Or maybe: ‘work will soon
be done when
I’m done with this
here smoking break’

I wish I could still smoke
In a London bar
Then I would order
a sidecar, or an old fashioned
And men would think:
‘He’s on a break
from something important’
‘He sure looks like he’s about
to start some important task’

And women would think:
‘He looks so thoughtful;
he must be a poet or
an artist or something, I
should sleep with him’


7 Responses to “On smoking”

  1. I can’t believe no one has commented on this one. It’s so accurate. Although my favourite is Suzanne. You must publish these. You are incredibly talented.

  2. claudia said

    smiles…i love that pic of yours with the pipe.. and i agree, there’s something comforting about smoking…i used to smoke for years…a lot…and glad i managed to quit..but there are moments..

  3. nice. the humor right there at the end was a nice surprise. The idea of cigarettes as cool, I still think upon the old films and musicians sinatra etc.. where smoking as a symbol was so prevalent- really nice job conveying that notion, but again, the wit really made the piece for me. Nice job. Thanks

  4. JB said

    That was so on point. Captured the idea surrounding the cigarettes cool-factor. Made me laugh out loud at the end haha

  5. Just love this…a blase voice, a bit of cynicism, totally un-politically correct. Just fun. Love the end!

  6. Gay said

    This is like a crossfade when cutting music for me. It has a criss-cross on me anyway. I detest smoking now (of course with my friend dying of lung cancer…slowly) and always did as my parents and grandparents did think it was cool. I thought it smelled bad and was awful. Yet, I get it in that Marlboro Man, Thin Man, Clark Gable, David Niven kind of way. It was best in the movies where they did it and you didn’t have to smell it.

    It’s a romantic poem and filled with your special way and wry wit. Kudos and good to read you again Anton!

  7. Sheila said

    ha – this is great – I especially like that last stanza (smiles)

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