On photography

September 15, 2010

When I started photographing women
I said to myself – ‘A, you will photograph
many women and you will
finally understand beauty and cure
yourself from it’s conniving

I selected my models carefully,
but as a nameless photographer
you cannot always
select your models

I still tried to be
very picky and would
often tell the models
I had selected
that I was very picky
when it came to selecting
my models

The women in front of my camera
would like it when I said this
because they did not
that I was an addict to beauty
and that this was part of

Of course, and I must note,
I would also
make them beautiful
I would go out into
the city with them, or
into the forest
separating myself from
them with the help of a big lens
I would direct them

They would follow my
directions carefully
for hours on end
because it takes time to get the
photograph of a beautiful woman right
you know?

And then they would
begin to
Their faces would harden
their voices would become harsh
and words chipped

It was always during this
short period of time
that my pictures of beautiful
women would come out the best

The women were beautiful
and because of the cold
they would begin to hate me
I would wait patiently for that moment
That moment, I tell you, that moment was magic

That magic moment


6 Responses to “On photography”

  1. wkkortas said

    There is some of Hawthorne’s “Rappacini’s Daughter” in here, as well as John Gardner’s story “Vlemk The Box Painter”, so you’re keeping some pretty good company with this one. Nice juxtaposition of the notion of beauty with some hard, concrete tangible and not altogether appealiing images–faces harden, voices are chipped. Fine piece, interesting musing on the notion of beauty as addicting.

  2. Puck said

    Ha ha ha ha

  3. forpuck said

    thanks. It is addictive though. And much more insidious than many other things.

  4. forpuck said

    And in case anyone cares, the ha ha ha came from Puck. I believe it is the first comment she has ever made on the blog so entitled.

  5. 床墊 said

    I’m grateful for you because of this good written content. You definitely did make my day :

  6. forpuck said

    Thank you very much for your kind words.

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