The queue

September 10, 2010

Queue and its busy too
Mid day city strangers frown
Nobody meets eyes
Square chin blonde full package
Wants food now
Is made to wait
Time flies hair flicking
Hair flicking
Hair flicking
Thank you immigrant server
And as he turns
Hatred on her face
Who wastes the time
of beautiful women?


4 Responses to “The queue”

  1. wkkortas said

    Would it be wrong to term this “puckish”? Biting without being bitter, wry and observant. Maybe “trenchant” is better.

  2. forpuck said

    Thank you. I like trenchant better than puckish…

    I wasn’t sure that I wanted to publish this, but the more “proper” pieces I’m working on now aren’t finished, and I had jotted this down earlier this week.

  3. Great poem,forpuck
    I really dig this,
    Thanks for sharing

  4. forpuck said

    Thanks, that’s really appreciated.

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