September 7, 2010

Light up another one and pay your dues
Your cry is stifled, and your sex betrayed
The hand that chokes your throat is happy news
Until another lover must be spayed
Alas your cry it echoes ever more
We like to see you writhe in pleasure tense
Your face disfigured, teeth bared as before
When little death concluded your suspense

So light the grass that changes pain to dust
And wear the whitest dress that you can find
Forget that you again donate your trust
To those who wish oblivion on your mind
No death, however little, shall attend
The sacred space between your secret lips
And when the next one that you found is spent
The smoke will make up for your lost eclipse

11 Responses to “Smoke”

  1. sdaedalus said

    Just to say again, your poetry is great. If I don’t say it after every poem, it’s only because I fear becoming repetitive.

    I saw your comment on Racer X’s blog. Poetry is definitely not beta. It takes courage to write a poem, never mind publish one. Poets are in the great heroic tradition.

    By ‘Kitty-O-Hai’ are you referring to my famous ancestor Kitty the Hare?

  2. forpuck said

    Thank you, I’m flattered. As for the ancestor, sadly not, I’m thinking of Helo Kity (sic), the global weird cute-phenom?

    As for ancestors, you’ll have to educate me I’m afraid.

  3. sdaedalus said

    Kitty was an Irish fictional creation who told tall stories. In Ireland, when someone is making things up/exaggerating for effect, we say “that’s a Kitty the Hare story”. A tendency to Kittyise runs in my family.

  4. forpuck said

    Hahah.. I’ll remember that one.

  5. Racer X said

    Nice poem. I am glad to see that others also enjoy writing, even occasionally, in more traditional forms. For me poetry always needs to have an element of music, or meter and rhythm, for it to be enjoyable. It is part of the overall sensual nature of the poetic experience.

  6. Wow raw words and thought provoking, thanks for stopping by and yes the last poem you read at my blog was meant to be strong and poetic and a little child-like..that was the point 🙂

    Wild Rose~

  7. The rawness in your lines captured are extremely talented this way..would love to read more of you.

  8. forpuck said

    Thank you very much. Stay tuned for more to come.

  9. Harsh but true –

    I’ve attended friends buried by their minds… which is addiction. And innoncence remains ’til the pain entertains and enters within.
    And there no where to go but up and up and up… and away.


  10. the hand that chokes your throat is happy news…that was the first line that grabbed me…harsh lines, but makes it kick…great one shot…

  11. wkkortas said

    Look at you, Mr. formal rhyme scheme. In any case, there is still a great deal of one of the web’s finest storytellers woven all through this piece. Almost ballad-like in tone and pacing, though certainly not in sentiment.

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