War is a game that grownups play

August 24, 2010

War is a game that grownups play
and children learn to like
You’re born both innocent and blank
But soon you aim to strike
It brings such pleasure when a fist
Connects, inflicting pain
Oh such a lovely game, this war
Let’s play, let’s play agan

War is a game that children play
Because they like to win
And war defines the other guy
As bad, and you’re not him
And war makes you a hero too
Who wields his sword for good
Whoever said that war is dumb
They never understood

Oh war, with captains, partisans
And generals galore
It fuels creativity
That inner golden ore
It lets you show your bravery
Your shiny brotherhood
Whoever said that war is bad
They never understood

Ah war, the dance of figurines
The terror felt by men
The heavy sound of treaded cogs
The whispers of ‘Amen’
It brings you closer to your God
It’s an acquired taste
Our peaceful times are such a drag
Don’t let war go to waste

9 Responses to “War is a game that grownups play”

  1. Kavita said

    EXCELLENT!! And a very poignant read..
    I honestly wish everyone read this, and see the sarcasm in it, and learn from it!!

    This was very well written… loved the rhymes towards the end of each stanza…added to the effect!!!
    Bravo, my friend…

  2. forpuck said

    Thank you. It was inspired by a blog post that I read. I wrote the first stanza as an immediate reply to the post, but I don’t think that the original poster shared my view on the whole thing.

    Poem that inspired it all: http://peaceroad.wordpress.com/2010/07/31/war/

  3. so true… war is a game that we all play – and will continue to play until we learn that love is a much better conquerer

  4. mairmusic said

    Chilling and perceptive. I’ve read through everything here and you have a really interesting voice. You should do One Shot Wednesdays and/or the Thursday Poets Rally to get a bigger for your work. It has really raised my number of readers, and I’ve gained some online friends to boot. I like your format– very clean and suited to your work.

  5. forpuck said

    Thank you, that is very kind of you. I have no idea of what One Shot is though, but will try to find it.

  6. so chilling and thought provoking. War truly is a game many humans love to play. But I’ll pass I think.

  7. brian said

    what a sad reality, the playfulness almost turns my stomach…very evocative….

  8. Tom Eliot said

    I am a Man O War. and this poem rocked.

    Seriously I am a veteran and i really enjoyed your concept and wordplay.

    I have seen a lot of people loving war/some others (usually the losers) not loving it so much.
    Me? I loved it when i was in it – now im not so certain.
    Whatever – i really think you have a distinctive voice and I m a little tired of easy/obvious anti war pap – so Im firing my Ak up in the air on this one even if your a deviant hippy.

    Give peace a chance

  9. forpuck said

    Hah. Tom, I’m not a deviant hippy. I’m a Swedish peace loving anti-war freak. But I’m glad you like it. It was brought on by one of the soppy “war is so bad, m’kay” poems that I happened across..

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