A postcard of Battersea Power Station

August 8, 2010

A postcard of Battersea Power Station

You sent me a postcard
Of Battersea Power Station
One of those touristy ones
With the chimneys in focus

Your words were implying
That you were writing it naked
Tipsy on bubbly wine
On a Sunday evening

I called you to ask you
Were you really naked
That time you sent me a postcard
Of Battersea power station

You laughed at me on the phone
And said I was funny
And then said ‘I’ll call you back’
Because the news is on TV

5 Responses to “A postcard of Battersea Power Station”

  1. really like the last stanza – plus as an old resident of Battersea, seeing the power station jsut makes me homesick.

    Nice work

  2. haha…come on fess up…smiles. nice subtleties…

  3. Claudia said

    hey anton – great to see you at dVerse – how’s life? was quite busy the last week but so good to read a poem of you — read it three times and really like it..think i have to dive into your archives every once and a while…love the mood in this..the sadness of missing things that are there and then the moment passed and the words have no longer any meaning… love your writing..think i already told you a hundred times..and won’t stop…haha….heading for a holiday on friday…a much needed break..

  4. Claudia said

    ..and maybe i write you a postcard if you mail me your address…but won’t write it naked..smiles – i’m a bit silly today..

  5. Jo Bryant said

    A really interesting poem is this. 🙂

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