Ellen’s story

July 5, 2010

Sagacity was Ellen’s friend
She often went for older men
They would be stern
And wine and dine
Their thoughts would set her sex on fire
Their voices deep, their gazes strong
The list of her demands was long

Her foot was arched, lips ruby red
She listened, giggled, gave them head
Her life was rich, the men were old
O, glory to the young and bold

One night two men of Ellen’s met
It was an accident, Kismet
First they were angry, then distraught
But one of them then had a thought
They hailed a cab, they all got in
She’s in the middle
Looking thin

And you can guess what happened then
One younger girl, two older men
A city drive, a penthouse flat

With nice champagne and pricey art
Their beady eyes, their groping hands
They danced the dance
And made demands

And Ellen still likes older men
Sagacity is still her friend
Her foot is arched, her lips are red
And she still gives amazing head

One Response to “Ellen’s story”

  1. Wendy Pring said

    I love it !! very clever….

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